2017 Philadelphia Mummers Parade

January 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

 After a year of planning the 117th Philadelphia Mummers Parade has come and gone. Win or lose, it was a great job by everyone involved. I had the opportunity to photograph the parade around City Hall in the morning and the Fancy Brigades finally. Maybe next year I’ll stay on Broad Street and photographic the String Bands. Here are many of my favorites from this year.

See you next year!


Broad Street - www.dantefrattophotography.com/p1007212620

Fancy Brigades photos - www.dantefrattophotography.com/f360848962

Mummers over the past few years - www.dantefrattophotography.com/f580168180


Beautiful pictures! So very talented, colors are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing these spectacular pictures! Makes you feel like you were there.
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