Your pictures are amazing. I like the mummers pictures the bestv
18.Jesse Pinkman(non-registered)
Hey Dante! What can I say? You are just amazing. I just checked out your graffiti Pier shots. Those were brilliant. You have been doing such an incredible job since 2008. I admire your passion. Keep going on!
Your pictures are absolutely amazing!!! Great work!
15.Mark Moss (markmyword2013)(non-registered)
Dante, your the man..... great, unparallelled work

14.Mike Matthews(non-registered)
Absolutely wonderful work!
You amaze and delight me. Images that capture the heart, soul, and mind. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world.
10.Ted Seiler(non-registered)
Great stuff!!! Call me if you want get with my indians... wind blow through your hair!!!!
9.Marc B(non-registered)
You got some nice shots of the Balloons. (http://www.pbase.com/mbaumser)
8.Camille Perotti(non-registered)
I'm your Dad's second cousin and on facebook with your Mom. Love your work you are very talented.
7.Lee Young(non-registered)
I love your Graffiti Pier shots.! I have shoot there many times.
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