Family Day Trip

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   With the fall season upon us. It’s time to take a ride to the Poconos and get lost. This past weekend was no different. My wife and I loaded up the car and left town. As we were leaving home it was raining off and on. Three hours and 150 miles later we ended up in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area of the Poconos Mountains at George W. Childs Park. When we arrived it was cloudy but not raining. The conditions could not have been more perfect. As we started down the trail and it’s 1.4 mile loop. We found it to be an easy hike and great for families. The trail follows Dingmans Creek and passes through three waterfalls.



The first thing you come to is this beautiful wooden bridge.



Next you come to the upper part of Factory Falls. It drops twice with a 90 degree turn between both.



When I made it to the bottom of Factory Falls. You realized how much rain is really needed. The water flow is very low. But it still made for a beautiful scene.



After a short walk. You come to the top of Fulmer Falls. It listed as a 56 foot fall. From this vantage point it looks a lot further down then that.



Looking at the top of Fulmer Falls from the trail’s viewing platform.



You can see how much water is needed.



Continuing downstream, the last fall is Deer Leap Falls. The pool at the bottom is very shallow.



Swimming is not allowed here. You will find a lot of people skipping rocks.



You have officially come to the bottom when you reach this bridge. At the point the bridge is out of service. This takes back up the opposite side.



They're not very large falls. But when you see people standing on top of them. You realize how small we really are.



In the end if you're looking for a day trip with the family you can't go wrong here. Even though the water was low. It’s a beautiful place to see.


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