Graffiti Pier

October 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

  If you head to the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Just off of Delaware Avenue. You will find Beach Street. It’s there you will find entrance to Graffiti Pier. The gate is locked and surrounded by weeds. Once you make your way around the gate. It’s just a short walk down the dirt road. You will see what is known as Graffiti Pier. It’s a hidden gem to graffiti artist.


Officially known as Pier 18. Conrail used the pier to load ships on the Delaware River. In 1991 the shut it down and moved all operations to Baltimore. They still own the property and you are trespassing when you enter. Everything has been stripped. The concrete is crumbling in many places.

I first came here in 2011 and have been here many time since.  The artwork is constantly changing. You would think that there would be empty spray cans everywhere. But surprisingly the pier is relatively clean.

The first time I came across this abandoned car. It disappeared after that.

Graffiti artist are not the only ones who come here. It’s a popular place for photographers, filmmakers & writers. I have heard stories of bands playing, weddings and paintball games. Normally find people fishing all along the pier. You will also see kids riding dirt bikes.

I don’t know what the future will bring to this old place. There has been a number of no trespassing sign as you enter. I don’t remember seeing them before. So enter at your own risk. I would not recommend coming here alone.


For more of my photos of the pier. Prints are available -


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