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   With the last Supermoon I took a drive to Avalon. I’ve never really been into photographing the moon. But with all the talk, I figured I’d go for it. The big plus for me was that the moon was rising as the sun was setting. This would give some color in the sky.


   A Supermoon happens when a Full Moon or New Moon coincides with the Moon's closest approach to Earth. It’s also called perigee. A Super Full Moon looks around 12% to 14% bigger. This was the closest the Super Full Moon was to the earth since January 26, 1948. The next time it will be this close won’t be until November 24, 2034.


  When the moon first came over the horizon I almost missed it.



  As the moon was coming up behind the fishing pier. I was really hoping that the fishermen would walk into the shot. I was yelling for them to move over but I doubt they heard me. When the finally moved I was able to get two shots off.



   This is the path the moon with in fifteen minutes. It’s five shots layered together.


     Just before the sky goes black.


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