Best of 2016 - part 2

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   We will start part two of my Best of 2016 in Long Beach Island. Viking Village is in Barnegat Light. It will take you back to the days of a quaint little fishing village. You can visit the shops and watch the scallop boats or longliners sail in the harbor.

   When I captured this shot it was around 11pm. I was already there  for a couple of hours. I didn’t see anyone while I was there with the exception of fellow photographer JF Gambone. I still think someone was watching us from one of the boats. I was amazed that I was able to capture this shot. Considering we were standing on a moving boat dock. I’m glad it turned out.

   Next up is one of my shots from Ricketts Glen State Park. It located in Benton, PA. This is one of my favorite places to photograph. The downside for me is it’s a 3 hour drive. When I was here last year and most of the falls were dry. As fall was coming this year, I kept watching the weather. When I decided to go, we had heavy rains for 4 days in a row. While walking to the first fall I was already soaked from the fog and misty rain. When I walked up to the first fall, I was amazed at the view. The fog and the mist made for perfect conditions for photography. I knew I made the right decision. It was hard to pick just one shot from this trip.

   Now if you enjoy greenhead flies, Turkey Point Road in Dividing Creek, NJ is the spot. They are horrible in this location. It’s a great spot to view a sunset even with that in mind. You will find many people crabbing in this area. I was lucky enough to catch a storm breaking up. The clouds and the color in the sky were forming a perfect rainbow.

   I was never one to photograph the moon. But with all the talk of the Supermoon and it rising at sunset. I figured I’d go for it. Plus I knew I would get color in the background instead of a black sky. As the moon started to rise, I watched two fisherman walk onto the pier. I was praying that they would walk into the shot. The human element makes the photo.

   Sometimes it not always about the photo that makes it a great to me. It’s about the adventure to capture the photo. This one one of those times. There were three of us at the Camden waterfront. We were trying to photograph lightning. It ended up down pouring and we never had any lighting. We were standing behind a couple of SUV’s with the back open blocking the rain. I’m sure that the people sitting in there cars were laughing at us. But it’s always about the adventure to me. When it finally stopped raining. The sky put on a show for us to captures.

Happy Holidays!  Thank You for a great year. I hope to see everyone in 2017!


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