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You know that the holidays are here when Christmas light come to life. From small towns to big cities.  You will see them everywhere. You will find that one house or a city block that i decorated over the top. I will show off a few of the location I have seen over the past couple of years.


I will start on Glen Haven Court in Swedesboro, NJ. This was the first time I have heard of this house. When I pulled up, I was amazed at what I was seeing. The house is decorated from front to back. I only downside is that you have to look at it from the street. With that said, this is my favorite single family home.

Swedesboro, NJSwedesboro, NJ Swedesboro, NJSwedesboro, NJ

Next we will go to the Smedley Street Christmas Light Spectacular. Located in Philadelphia on the  2700 Block of Smedley Street between 16th & 17th, Moyamensing and Oregon Avenues. I just love when a city block come together and decorates the block.

Smedley Street Christmas Lights Spectacular, PhiladelphiaSmedley Street Christmas Lights Spectacular, Philadelphia Smedley Street Christmas Lights Spectular, PhiladelphiaSmedley Street Christmas Lights Spectular, Philadelphia

A few block away will visit The Miracle on South 13th Street Holiday Lights. Located on the 1600 Block of South 13th Street (between Tasker & Morris) It’s another city block decorated by the residents.

The Miracle on South 13th Street, PhiladelphiaThe Miracle on South 13th Street, Philadelphia The Miracle on South 13th Street, PhiladelphiaThe Miracle on South 13th Street, Philadelphia

One of the most well known spots it the Philadelphia Museum of Art. When you get to the top of the steps. You get to stand in Rocky’s foot prints to view the tree.

Philadelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia Museum of Art

This is a shot from Philadelphia's City Hall. It was taken last year. This year the Christmas Village is located here. If you have never been to the Christmas Village. It’s a nice place to visit with the family. It’s set up like an authentic German Christmas market.

Philadelphia City HallPhiladelphia City Hall

If you have time for a day trip. The Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn, NY is a great place. It’s between 83rd thru 86th and 11th thru 13th avenues. Most of the homes are professionally done.

Citizens Bank Park

Citizen Bank ParkCitizen Bank Park

Happy Holidays!


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