Different Perspective

August 28, 2016  •  2 Comments

  I have photographed Philadelphia from many different location. I am always looking for a different perspective. As I walked to the top of the building & leaned over the edge. I was amazed at how many different views there were. I usually get caught up with what's in front of me, sometimes all you need to do is turn around. Next time you're standing around, just turn. It's amazing how your view will change. I didn't move more than 3 feet to capture these shots. I have 3 totally different photos.


Ben Franklin Bridge

Your looking from the north side of the bridge. Heading south down the Delaware River between Philadelphia & Camden. Ben Franklin BridgeThe view of the Ben Franklin Bridge from the north side The skyline

This view is normally seen by people driving down I-95 south.



Rich Lewis(non-registered)
Welcome to the blogging world Dante. Wonderful photography as always.
Jay Grear(non-registered)
Great photos that are strikingly different but perfectly illustrate your premise. Because of these beautiful illustrations I will now make it a point to change the perspective of my views even if I'm not taking photographs.
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