Photographing the same location

September 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

  I get asked why I keep going back to the same locations. The main reason is that you never know what you are going to see. Mother nature is a big part of that. The change of seasons, time of day and the weather make all the difference. Cloudy or stormy weather is another good time for photographers. The scene can within minutes depending on the weather. If the sky is totally blue or no clouds I normally don't go. I makes for a boring photo in my mind.

   The best time of the day is blue or golden hour. Blue hour is the hour before sunrise and after sunset. The sky can still be seen as blue and didn't turn to black. Golden hour is the hour after sunrise and before sunset. The sun is low to the horizon. You get a beautiful golden glow.

  In the last few year technology has changed photography. Astro photography has become very popular. Photographers will stay up all night to photograph the stars and the Milky Way.


Summer you will get more red & orange colors. This photo was taken at high tide. Which also changes the look of your photo.

This is how different low tide changes everything. The midday sun gives you very harsh light.

Winter time you will get more blues and purples. With the cold weather you hope for ice or snow in your photo. I took this photo a few years ago. The Delaware Bay was frozen.

This was from the last winter storm of this year.

For me September & October are the best time of the year for photography.

 Golden Hour

Starlit night

When I have a few hours to sit back and stare at the night sky. I'll set the camera up to take a few hundred photos. I'll stack them together with software. You will then see the earths rotation around the stars.


Rich Lewis(non-registered)
Well said Dante, very well said, and punctuated with some awesome examples. One thing every photographer should do is pick a few spots and revisit them regularly. It is a great way to learn to understand how nature works.
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