Mummer Time

September 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

   With the unofficial end of summer being Labor Day. I know that most people are sad to see it end. If you're a Mummer it’s the beginning of the Mummer season. All though they have been planning for the 2017 parade all year. Labor Day weekend is the last free weekend until next year. The building of floats, learning your drill & meetings are now going full speed a head. It has taken the past few months to get the glitter out of your car, your house and even your dog. But it starts all over again. Drive down Front Street in South Philly on a Sunday morning. You will find the clubs practicing under 95. Each club will be separated by their colors.

    Throughout the year there are many hours spent in warehouses & clubs. The smell of sawdust and hot glue fills the air. The thousands of screws, staples & hot glue holds everything together. The suits, floats, music & drills are ready. It takes a lot of people who are not seen in costume to make the all come together. You will see everyone from spouses, kids, family & friends behind the scenes helping out.

The suits are full of colors, feathers & sequins. This is the captain of the 2016 Jokers. It is one of my all time favorites.

I did say the costumes were full of color. In 2015 Satin Slipper presented us with "Midnight in the Mansion". The suits were all white and highlighted with purple. Theirs not much color but it stood out. It is now one of my favorite themes. They came in 3rd place that year.

When it comes to the kids. They usually sit on the floats. But when they get there chance to perform. They shine!

Before the performance, a father gives his son some last words of encouragement.

   I can tell this story 1st hand. I joined the Downtowners Fancy Brigade in 1987. Over the years I wore a suit, built the floats and helped behind the scenes. Now I get my enjoyment in photographing all the clubs.



  This is what is known as Two Street, 2nd Street or the after party. All the clubs march down 2nd Street when they're done in front of the judges. This is the time to enjoy what created this year. As you can see it does get a little out of control.                                                        

Just before the 2016 Mummers Parade. We lost Jim Julia Sr. He lived the mummers. He was a friend ,captain & president of the Fancy Brigades. During the Fancy Brigades run through show. Every member of the brigades walked out on the floor to pay their respects.I have never seen everyone on the floor together until this night.  Mummer = Family


There are 4 division in the Mummers Parade. This is just a look into the Fancy Brigades & what I have been though.

I hope to bring more about the Mummer’s in the next few months as we get closer to the big day.

For more of my photos of the Mummers.




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Nicely written. Growing up in the mummers u know all the hard work that goes into 4 - 4 1/2 minutes and bragging rights. Maybe this blog will help others to realize the same.
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