The Forgotten New Jersey Coast

September 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

  When people think of the Jersey Shore. They think of Cape May up to Sandy Hook. Which all face the Atlantic Ocean. People forget about the Delaware Bay side of New Jersey. There's a lot of hidden gems along the bay. People don’t normally vacation in this area. If you fish or want to see some of the best sunsets, you can’t go wrong here.


The beginning of the bay side-


  I'll start in Cape May at Sunset Point.  It’s know for having the best sunsets in the state. You have a view of the SS Atlantus also know as the concrete ship.

A few miles up the road we come to Cooks Beach. This is one of my favorite locations to watch the sunset.


Now we arrive in Heislerville, NJ. Home of East Point Lighthouse. It probably the most photographed lighthouses in the state.

Now were on the Maurice River. This is my favorite spot. I won't give the exact location of the shipwreck. It has to do with private property & safety.

When I arrived in Seabreeze , NJ. The greenhead flies were in full attach mode. But I held out for a few photos. Seabreeze is basically an abandoned town since 2012.

(for more information-,_New_Jersey )

I stumbled across Greenwich a number of years ago. I found railroad tracks that go right out into the water. They were part of the Vineland Railroad in the 1871.

I will say after being to these location. They're not for vacationers. I see mostly fisherman or photographers a long this coast. If you want a day trip to see something new, you can’t go wrong. There are still a number of spot I want to see but it takes time when you're a photographer.


Rich Lewis(non-registered)
Great post and photos. This is an area I've yet to explore with may camera. Now I'm looking forward to it.
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